Jasiek Marcinkowski

I am currently a PhD student at the University of Wrocław, from which I had graduated with M.Sc degree in Computer Science. In 2015-2017 I lived in Zürich, Switzerland, where I was working at Google (in Search). In Autumn 2014 I worked as a “guest scientist” at INET lab, Technische Universität Berlin. My main interest in CS are approximation algorithms and I'd like to be good at them.

If you haven't landed on this site by mistake, you probably want to see:

I have also written a piece of Polish propaganda. It is explaining, ‘Why is Polish history significant’ and concentrates on our earlier civilisational achievements.


I have not been programming too much in my life, but there are some interesting projects I've (co-)developed.

This project aims to measure the impact of Polish computer scientists. As the popular measures like number of citations or h-index are easily fooled, we instead decided to quantify the reception of their work in the World's top 20 research centers. The measure is applicable for single papers, people as well as whole institutions.
This is a tool for mountain hikers who want to measure the altitude gain of their trips. It is based on an insight, that an intelligent human with a map is more accurate than a GPS recording app.
A Go library for finding patterns in LZW–compressed text without decompressing. Based on a basic Ο(m3+n) algorithm of Amir, Benson and Farach (1993). It works faster than unpacking–and–searching.
Our institute's courses enrolment system. For a semester I was involved in maintaining it. While far from being happy about the results (and the general state of the system), I have learned a lot about social aspects of programming, or even working together as a whole. I came back to become a leader of this project in Summer 2018. I rewrote entire queues/records logic (the key part of the System) and started managing students who work on it for the university class.